What's All This SHIT Mean

DSS Terms

Below is the terms used in the Dss World. We have put them here for your convience, so you may know what the hell they are talking about.

Dss Terms
(Integrated Receiver Decoder) your DSS receiver.

Test Card:
A programmed H card.

(Conditional Access Module) is the large number on the card above the bar code.

(Update Status Word) this number corresponds to the number of updates on the

Fuse Byte:
Card status here are the common settings
00 Virgin (00/FF)
05 Not Married/Activated (05/FA)
20 Virgin/Married (20/DF)
24 Married/Deactivated (24/DB)
25 Married/Activated (25/DA)

EPROM Image:
An image that is taken from a cards EPROM, or a copy of the EPROM also
called image, bin, bin image, ect

Subbed Image:
An EPROM image that taken from a currently subscribed H card.

A script put in simple terms is a set of instructions for WinExplorer.
The script tells WinExplorer what to write to the card.

This is a basic script or program applied to a card that 'activates' it for viewing.
Main difference between an activation and a 3m, is that with an activation
script, you still have to 'order' the ppv's with your remote to view them.

Short for 'three Musketeers', whose line was 'one for all and all for one'.
A very simple and short script which is easily hidden within a
card to allow for all channels to be seen. Upside of this script
is that when used properly, these cards last a very long time.
Downside to this is that it is vulnerable to any and all ecm's that DTV
decides to throw at it.

Stealth Script:
A 3M that hides the 3M codes and usually locks the card (with Backdoor
password) to prevent holes from being opened.

Writing an EPROM image from card (A) onto card (B) thus changing
the CAM ID # of card (B) to match the CAM ID # of card (A).

Electronic Counter Measure

An individual or Co. that unloops cards.

48 hole:
This is a way into the card that was recently discovered. It is possible to open
the e3 hole through this one. Think of it as a side entrance to the card.

This refers to a message on your tv screen produced by the ird. This
message almost always means that your cam id has been
"blacklisted" by D**, and is no longer valid.

Specifically, the memory address 8008. It is an area of the card that
has permanent data pertaining to the card. It is 'cloaked' or disguised
by some scripts to hide the fact that a card is cloned.

Stands for 'Application Specific Intergrated Circuit'. It is the microchip
inside your card. The brains of the operation.

A very powerful card cleaning(not to be confused with a cleaning of an unlooper
software. Cleaning is required before new scripts are installed to cards. Usually
updated whenever a new usw is out. So make sure you have the latest
version available.

BasicH and other programs use this extension to save files. Short for binary.
When spoken in the forums, it refers to the eeprom image of a card. Generally
speaking it is a file for card programmers

Cam ID:
The card's identification number. Each card is assigned a specific number.
Think of it as your card's fingerprint.

There are 2 meanings of this word in this hobby. The first, is to remove all
traces of non-essential data from a card as a preparation for programming.
The second meaning is to repair and restore a card that has been looped or
misprogrammed, to it's original state using an unlooper.

Means to make a copy. In this hobby, it refers to applying an id number
of a good card to a invalid one in order to make the invalid one appear to be a
legitimate card. This is a known cure for the 'ext. 745' message.

Com Port:
You should know this already, the serial port that your programmer or unlooper
plugs into.

The signal beamed down by DTV's satellites to your dish.

E3 Hole:
This can be considered as the 'main enterance' to your card.
Once opened, the card will allow any writing and reading to be done.
Note: stealth scripts try hard to block all access to this hole.

It stands for "Electronic Counter Measure". This is something
that is sent by DTV in order to counter our efforts in getting free tv.
Usually, in the form of updates or packets.

Stands for "Electronically Eraseable Programmable Read
Only Memory". Essentially it is the memory chip inside your card.

Is a way of unlocking channels for viewing using a computer to simulate
what the emulation access card's microchip does. An access card is still
required for the zkt.

H Card:
Currently the only card type available to test. The front or face side is
similar to the F card. Numbers are between 0000 4000 0000
and 0001 6999 9999. There is also an H printed below the barcode.

Ice Scraper:
A common term used by testers for a damaged card. Try using it for
that purpose sometime, Just make sure that you use a damaged one

An image file in intel hex format, BasicU and other programs use this
extension to save files. It refers to the eeprom image of a card.
Generally speaking it is for unloopers.

Stands for 'Intergrated Receiver/Decoder'. The formal name of your box or receiver.

Stands for 'Low Noise Block'. This is the actual antenna of the
sat system. It is located at the end of the arm sticking in front of
your dish. They generally come in two variations for DTV, single
and dual, the single lets you connect one ird to it's full capability,
while the dual wil let you connect 2 or more ird's. (connection of more
than 2 will require a multiswitch or multiplexer)

This is a condition of the card to which it is unreadable and unuseable.
In most cases, looping is due to programming error caused by
the programmer, rather than an ecm sent by DTV.

This states the status of a card. When a card is 'married' to an ird,
the card cannot be used in other ird's. Most scripts will remarry,
meaning that when put into another ird, the card will marry the new ird.
P2 (card):
See 'H card'

P3 (card):
See 'HU card'

A 'Private' or 'Personal' 3M, may I remind that the 'P' does not
refer to 'public'. A custom 3M created, to allow a card to get all
channels available. Because these are private, these are considered
safe to use on currently subscribed cards.

Pay Per View

A type of card programming hardware. 99% of all testers
will have this. It is where the card interfaces with the computer
and software.

This is the actual 'program' that is used on a card. They cannot
be run directly off of windows, they are run inside a card
programming software, such as winexplorer not all scripts are
for creating test cards, however. Some scripts are utilities that
make things easier for the tester.

It is an alternative to cloning. Instead of replacing the actual
written cam id on the card as cloning does, the spoofing method,
Instead gives the ird a different cam id when it is asked for.
This method was created in response to a theorized 'clone kill' ecm

A term for a script that completely locks all writes to the card and
disguises some parts of it. Theoretically, This would be the safest of
all scripts, but in reality this is not always the case.

Sub Bin:
see 'sub image'

Sub(ed) image:
It refers to the eeprom image, specifically the cam id and zkt.

Kind of like a radio tower on the satellite, each transponder
will send a certain amount of info, or channels down to earth.

This is a powerful type of card programming hardware that is
able to 'unloop'cards(with proper software) by in a sense, glitching
the card. many testers who must program multiple cards will use
unloopers due to their speed.
Note: unloopers can do some serious(read unrepairable) damage.

DTV sends a few lines of code now and then to change the cards
programming, this is intended to keep card testers from viewing free
tv. each update is given a number. the theoretical maximum is stated
at 65025.

The official name for update, Stands for 'Update Status Word' ,

BasicH's predecesor, as a newbie you should not have to
know much more than that. Do not use unless you know what you
are doing, or someone who knows what their doing, told you to.

A powerful card scripting software. This is the platform from
which you apply or remove scripts to your card.

Stands for "Zero Knowledge Test". It is an encryption table
used by DTV to keep hackers from duplicating their cards.
o this date it has not been cracked. When it is talked about it usually
means the few set of numbers that go with the cam id.

Guide Byte:
This value determines your channel guide. FF=engineering, 41 & 49
are popular. The byte is located at address: 845F

The name says it all. The value for this is located at address:
8415 and the choices are:
A0 = Pacific
A2 = Mountain
A4 = Central
A6 = Eastern
A8 = Atlantic
A9 = Newfoundland

The following is a list and brief description of DSS
extension messages:

Customer account is set-up but the system has not been a
ctivated, this is called a partial activation

Channel is not authorized: or subscription expired

A "resend" is required from DirecTV to reactivate
an active subscription - ie. The receiver was off for a long period.

(731) Access card is full and has not reported to DirecTV
PPV not setup or PPV blocked due to delinquent account

(733) Due to unsuccessful attempts by the receiver
to download the access card the PPV purchase ceiling
has been set to 1 cent by DirecTV

Receiver un-sets for PPV purchases capability due to receiver malfuntion

Card lost, stolen or damaged. To us thei usually means the
serial number has been added to the blacklist

Possible data corruption - receiver fault

Access card needs to be changed out

Card not compatable - This is the new one..only shows with
the new 5th generation RCA recievers

"H" Cards up and running

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